I’m Ronan, and I’d like to welcome you to my Thai food blog, Thai Food Paradise. I also want to thank you for stopping by.

So, What Is Thai Food Paradise about?

Thai Food Paradise is a blog dedicated to sharing my love and knowledge of Thai cuisine, helping readers to become more familiar with it. 

I want to share Thai food recipes, recommendations for great dishes, and give tips on some of the best Thai restaurants and stalls you can visit during your trip to Thailand to taste some incredible food. 

What makes me an authority on Thai cuisine?

I first fell in love with Thai food when I visited the Land of Smiles in 2013 on a backpacking trip. I want to help readers realize that there is so much more to Thai cuisine than Pad Thai, Green Curry, and Massaman Curry. 

I’m also always baffled when I see a group of expats in a city like Chiang Mai out to eat, and sitting on their plates are badly cooked chips and an overdone pork steak. To me, traveling in Thailand should encompass exploring the amazing food this country has to offer. 

That’s not to say Western food should be completely avoided in Thailand; some restaurants do a stellar job of it. But Thai food is where it’s at, especially the local street food dishes, which are cheap as chips, and taste a lot better.  

I was so fascinated by Thai food on my first trip that I returned over fifteen times in the last three years to live in the country and eat more amazing food. And I want to share some of what I know, including easy recipes, and recommendations on where to eat in the country. 

What will you learn from Thai Food Paradise?

I don’t intend to come across as some sort of know-it-all connoisseur of Thai cuisine; I’m still learning too.

My intention is to get you interested in different Thai recipes, broaden your horizons in terms of the dishes you try in Thailand, and show you how accessible and easy Thai street food is to cook at home.

I want to show you how Thai food can make you smile. Thai people smile more than most other nationalities, hence the ‘Land of Smiles’ label. Some skeptics put this down to the greedy nature of Thais; smile and the farangs (foreigners) will give them money.

I think that’s wrong, though. I think the reason Thai people smile all the time can be put down to something much simpler: the food they eat every day and how damn good it tastes. Having access to amazing food every day is bound to make you happy. 

There is not a person on this planet who doesn’t smile when they eat good food. Thai cuisine is packed with some of the world’s great dishes. Some dishes are mind-bogglingly complex, others can be cooked at home again and again with five or six ingredients costing next to nothing. 

The overarching aim of this blog is to get you interested in Thai food, whether that means visiting Thailand on a culinary adventure or cooking some Thai dishes at home.

What next? 

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